Supported Phones

Currently, Silent Sync has only been tested with a single phone, which is the phone I happen to own: the LG KE970. If you have this phone, you will probably find Silent Sync easier to work with than the native phone software. Although, of course, Silent Sync does not synchronize with Exchange.

The LG phone uses a rather peculiar protocol which I suspect not many phones support. OBEX support is planned for the future, and will greatly increase the compatibility list. If Silent Sync happens to work with your telephone, please post about it on the SourceForge forum pages.

LG KE970 (Shine)

This section describes how to set up your KE970 to connect to Silent Sync. You can connect either via USB or via Bluetooth. The connection via Bluetooth is the same with any phone and is described on its own page.

To connect via USB

Device Manager
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